Founded in 2018, MV Fragrances started up as a small company based in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire.

Our love for designer fragrances gave us an idea to start creating our own, using essential oils.  We found that combining certain oils we can make similar scents to the top designer brands you are used to on the high-street, but at a much cheaper cost with up to 80% off.

Our main focus is to make our own individual scents, after months of experimenting we finally created a number of exquisite fragrances
that we are now happy to release to the public. The fragrances we have created are much less damaging to the skin and hair unlike traditional
high street fragrances, this is because we create them using organic oils rather than chemicals that can effect the skin. We are very proud
of our own fragrances and now we can share them with you.

Why Are We So Cheap?

We take out the fancy packaging and celebrity endorsements and concentrate on making high-quality perfume. We keep our cost low this means you pay less.

Why Use Us

  • Our perfumes are long lasting
  • Eco-friendly, we use only vegan and natural ingredients
  • Our low cost means you can try different perfumes
  • Our pure perfume oils are alcohol-free
  • We hand make each perfume to give that personal touch
  • Quick dispatch within 2 days, usually next working day
  • Free Returns if you are not happy within 14 Days